Nowadays there are amounts of information available and accesible from differents sources but the challenge is how to integrate these with information Company to create intelligence strategies.

BI&DE focus in the five characteristics of information today: volume, variety, velocity, value and validity, to identify the technological capabilities in information management of your organization to create intelligence solutions in Big Data and data Analytics that transform your Company.

The Business Intelligence is the sets of methodologist, software and technologies related it to collect, process and transform data from transactional systems and unstructured data into structured information for analysis and transformation in knowledge thus giving support to decisión making.

BI&DE allows companies to business intelligence world because know your specific sector and disruptive technologies in data science to do it.

All organizations generate data, but the challenge is how to analyze this data to transform it in new knowledge for your Company. Otherwise the key Word in Data Analytics is not data; is Analytics.

To Analize Data we apply techniques from: engineering, statistics, mathematics and demography to built intelligence metrics for decisión making.

BI&DE experience is crucial to built Integral Analytics based on transdisciplinary. According with that we know data technologies and your productive sector to bring you the trust that the consulting answer your needs and the key questions of your  business in a global context

Do you have an expertice? What is in your opinion the idea to encapsulate the company knowledge for reuse, share and learn?

The expert system are and sophisticated tool for organizational learning. 

BI&DE believe in the experience of people and organizations in a dinamyc way to built intelligence through time.

Traditional method used along time for information analysis now day these are limited considering technological advances and variety of available data. Then grow need to incorporate engineering processes in companies as machine learning that access us to new scenarios for decision making.

One of the valuable assets fo BI&DE are learning algorithms for projection, optimization, selection and clasification of data in differents productive sectors.

The last technological advances in integrated circuits and its incorporation to maquines, has been created a world of interconected things that receive and generate data.

If your Company needs to collect and analize this kind of information, BI&DE to connect you with this world and with solutions according your needs.