Necesity Analysis

  • Identifiying information management capabilities
  • Maping information management capabilities
  • Studies of technological prospective related to Data

Design Customs Solutions

  • Design solutions for information management.
  • Training in Data Analytics for business
  • Technological Surveillance Studies
  • Census and surveys

Implementation Of technological platforms


  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Technological surveillance
  • Machine learning
  • Expert systems

As a result of our experience with the real sector, we have identified the need to transform the companies towards a data driven organizations as previous and necessary process before to implement the latest technologies in information management. This program has three phases: Diagnosis, Training, Implementation and Support in the use of new technologies.

Data Analytics capabilities require long-term training from early age. As part of our shared value strategy and with the objective of solve the gap in the availability of human capital in the area of ​​Data Analytics we have created the PFCDA in children for which we have designed a pedagogical model for the sensitization and teaching of data analysis adapted to the needs of current environment and the enormous creativity of children.

Result of the expertise of our team in the process of creation, maturation and scaling of technology-based companies, we have created a new line of business in the management of investment portfolios in High Technology Companies. These portfolios include both the advice and management of investment in listed companies on the New York Stock Exchange, as well as investment in startups of the sector with high growth and scalability potential in Latin America as well as in United States and Asia. This is done by international partners that allow us to have access to this portfolio of companies in each region. 

The BI&DE expertise in data science allows you to design, plan and develop projects planned to appropriate collection of information.

The quality of data analytics depends on the quality of the collection process that minimizes associated errors. Aware of this BI&DE makes use of various techniques to carry out census and surveys that provide reliable and high quality data.

Is not enough to generate information and management it with isolated systems inside organization. It is imperative to built a integrated information system with environment and social nets.

BI&DE with knowledge of cause thinks in your Company as a whole, identifying the information flowing trought firm and organize it thinking to create smart system in the future that learn and generate information more accuracy.

The curiosity to knowledge the future is concern of all disciplines that know the future is power.

Innovative companies are strong in to know and forecast technologies used in some moment and will needs in the future to position strategically in the market. BI&DE provide you convenient techniques for technological foresight in the sector that your Company develops.

Technological Surveillance involve monitoring the changes in knowledge border of thecnique and specifically the new technologies to know opportunities or threats for organization.

Surveillance implies periodic processes of control of a set of indicators that allow to monitor and evaluate its organization in relation to the use of new technologies. BI&DE has developed technological surveillance in different productive sectors and countries.

All innovator and transform process needs both the vision and tools or technique to carry out.

BI&DE develop innovator projects and process in your organization, qualifying your human resources because we believe that the most value resource for sustainability and sucess projects are people.

Companies acquire technology and in most cases are stored without proper use and more even without a real impact on the company.
BI & DE, based on its experience in the application of new techniques from engineering, statistics, mathematics and demography, in different productive sectors, has the capacity to identify its needs, to qualify your employees and to develop innovative solutions for the management of your information until it has a real impact on your organization.

Before to begin a new entrepreneurship is essential to know where we are and where we are going. A fundamental part of solutions that BI&DE development is the characterization of technological capabilities in information management of Company.

We understand technical or technological capabilities “The transmission of knowledge between different agents” definition related to technological learning and that implies: research about technology, understand it, keep record, assimilate and implement it to enhance the organization (Domínguez and Brown, 2004).

In that context BI&DE identifiy your technological capabilities trought specific tools and makes meassurements in the sector where the Company develops.