Case Study: Identification and development of technology transfer capabilities

In the context of knowledge economy is necessary to strengthen the capacities of the institutions to transfer research results, which work as facilitating bridges between the needs of society and the private and public sectors, and the supply of science and technology products generated in each university, which can give total or partial solution to those needs. In this regard, the project had the purpose of characterizing the state of the art of the current process of transferring research and knowledge management results that has been carried out by several institutions in Health Care and Defense sectors in LATAM, whose purpose was to systematize the methodology that was used to map their capabilities for knowledge management and transfer in an organization. According to the above, one of the main findings of the project was to identify what are the main obstacles to improve the processes of development and maturation of research projects and products subjected to be transferred to the public sector. It was observed that the biggest obstacle to overcome is the continuity of the projects or initiatives, the low level of disclosure, and the lack of training and development of tutorials for their implementation.

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